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Just you, the computer screen, and Nick Lea...yum.

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Your Nick Lea Fix

Nick Lea at the San Fran Expo

Infamous:Nick Lea

Of course, we already knew that Nicholas Lea was the best looking guy in Hollywood...and now there is Sarah's List Of The Twenty Most Good-Looking Guys In Hollywood 1998 to prove it...

Patience is a virtue..and waiting for the Nick Lea Gallery! to load up is mighty worth it!

So if you are just dying to know what Nick's chest looks like...

I just love it when people work to post original pictures. If you feel the same way, the Nick Lea Pictures! page is not to be missed.

I don't know why it's called Nick and Mitch Picture Gallery because there is only one picture of Mitch, but it's worth taking a peek at anyways.

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