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Nick Lea in "Once a Thief"

Time do to do something for the star that has done so much for us just by existing... The Nicholas Lea Task Force

A way to help the planet *and* show your love for Nicholas Lea...does it get anymore warm and fuzzy than this? Go visit - The Nick League

What would you have asked Nick if you could have been at the San Fran Expo?

A New York Times article, Lea Turns Krycek Into X-Files Star. It's short, but oh, so sweet for Ratnicks.

Get the story from the source...Nick Lea tells us about his favourite memories of eleven (season one to four) Krycek episodes of the X-Files, and other things he has worked on.

Looking for a little one on one with Nick? No, no, get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking an interview , silly. It's almost as good as talking to him in person, I promise.

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