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Enough, you say. Enough! No more of this cryptic maze, no more of this hunting and gathering for what you really want to see. Well, then this QuikGuide is just for you.

Alex Krycek

Read About Him : Access to pieces of Krycek oriented fan-fiction, or fan-fiction dedicated sites.

Investigate Him : Details about Krycek character, motives, and connections on the X-Files.

Find Him : Assorted sites/content, together because of their names.

Bow to Him : Temples, shrines, and general adoration, all in the name of Krycek.

Watch Him : Assorted sites/content, together because of their names (deja vu!)

Define Him : All the etc. and misc. that I couldn't fit anywhere else.

Nicholas Lea

Look At Him : Tasty pictures of our favourite Nicholas.

Pray To Him : Everyone who's anyone loves Nicholas Lea..more shrines, altars, and etc.

Research Him : More about the man behind the Krycek mask, plus sites that are getting involved.